Royal India restaurant brings an Indian fine dining experience to Sandy, Utah, and a new definition for curry. India's cuisine is as rich and diverse as its people. Almost every region of India has its own distinct flavor, delicacies and style of cooking.

Royal India is known for its excellent quality of food and service. It is the only Indian restaurant in Utah that offers north and south Indian cuisine. The attentive staff and tasteful interior create an upscale fine dining experience. Royal India has been awarded with the Best Indian restaurant in Utah for the years 2001,2002 and 2004 by Salt Lake Magazine. Zagat survey has rated their food and service as 24 out 30.

Owner/chef Emmanuel Shanthakumar and his father Dr. Daniel Shanthakumar who is a management consultant started this elegant restaurant in 1998. Owner/Chef Emmanuel learned to cook in restaurants in India and the United States, where he lived for 14 years. Emmanuel visits India quite often to learn more about diversity of Indian regional cooking and brings back the latest culinary delight and creative Indian recipes from south and northern India. Emmanuel improvises tasty dishes in chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetables without compromising the authenticity of Indian cooking. In Royal India kitchen, where the curry is freshly ground and everything, including yogurt and cheese is made from scratch. For Chef Emmanuel creating new recipes and cooking is a personal passion.

Royal India's mixed appetizer platter provides a sampler of appetizer like vegetable samosa, onion bhajjis and vegetable and chicken pakoras served with mint and tamarind chutney. There are three soups to choose from. Palak soup, which is made of spinach and cream and herbs, is delicious.

If you like something with sauce or gravy you have wide choices of chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetables. Tandoori (clay oven) dishes are served in a sizzling platter. Chef specialties like pepper chicken, pudhina chicken are made from Emmanuel's own recipes. If you want south Indian delicacies you choose from different varieties of Dosas, which are crispy crepes made from lentil and rice.

If there is anyone in your group who is a vegetarian or vegan, there are several dishes to choose from. If you prefer some changes in your order from the menu, the chefs are happy to make it for you. If you are unsure of anything in the menu, the wait staff will gladly offer suggestions.

The beverage menu includes juices, mango and sweet lassis (yogurt blend), India tea and soft drinks. There is a limited selection of wines and Indian beers.


A week ago I was eating in my favorite Indian restaurant in New York City thinking that it would be a long time before I had another Indian meal that good. But I was mistaken. The food at Royal India is as good, and possibly better, than that of my old Big Apple favorite.
So for me, what distinguishes a good Indian restaurant from a great one largely has to do with the little things: décor, specialty dishes, breads, service. It’s those types of considerations that have made Royal India my favorite Indian restaurant in Utah. I have had very good meals in every Indian restaurant is Utah – I have eaten in them all – but Royal India, out in Sandy, is the best of the bunch.

by Ted Scheffler, Food Critic, Utah

There is no doubt that Royal India has mastered the components of Indian cuisine – lamb, chicken, shrimp and vegetables, seasoned with a wealth of spices.

by Anne Wilson, Restaurant Reviewer, Salt Lake Tribune

Chef –owner Emmanuel Shanthakumar opened Royal India, where he concentrates on preparing authentic Indian Cuisine that never disappoints. Tantalizing spices enhance the flavors of chef specialties. Tasteful surroundings and gracious servers enhance the dining experience.
There is no shortage of Indian eateries in the Salt Lake Valley, so why do Indian food aficionados trek out to Sandy’s Royal India to dine? Well, it comes down to Chef/Owner Emmanuel Shanthakumar and family, who welcome customers with warm Indian hospitality and then bowl them over with a lovely restaurant ambience and the most authentic Indian cuisine in the state.

by Salt Lake Magazine

“It is a must if you are with in 50 miles”, say Indian food followers. “The excellent fare” including “sophisticated curries”, and “delicious naan” is served by a “great staff” of “fantastic people”.

by Zagat Survey


"Royal India brings spicy culture to Bountiful", says Dave Anderton from Deseret Morning News. He adds that the owner, Emmanuel Shanthakumar, goes 'round the world to get his recipes right. Paul Barker, also from the Deseret Morning News says that Emmanuel maintains a friendly atmosphere at his Bountiful restaurant. He also calls Royal India "a gem located on the historical Main Street in Bountiful".

by Deseret News


"Royal India brings spicy culture to Bountiful" by - Dave Anderton, Deseret News

"Royal India is a gem located on the Historical Main Street in Bountiful" by - Paul Barker, Deseret Morning News

"It is a must if you are with in 50 miles", say Indian food followers. "The excellent fare" including "sophisticated curries", and "delicious naan" is served by a "great staff" of "fantastic people". by -Zagat Survey